multiple targets building

link 233

Create New Target

  1. select project target
  2. right click
  3. Duplicate

#Rename Target,Scheme And Product

  1. Manage Schemes
  2. select target , slow click or return key
  3. scheme , 233
  4. build target, in Edit Scheme... Build tab if there are multiple targets, remove useless targets with unchecking all checkboxes and delete them
  5. Build Setting change Product Name from xxx copy to newName

rename info.plist ,in Build Settings General tag select new plist file

Select “Awesome Lite” target > Build Settings > Preprocessing > Preprocessor Macros > Add TARGET_LITE to each of the configuration (eg both Debug and Release configurations).

#if defined(TARGET_LITE)
NSLog(@"Lite version");
NSLog(@"Original version");

#Resources, Images and Assets Catalog
Select the resource > File Inspector > Target Membership > check the targets intended.