How to debug node with atom

Install Atom and node-debugger

Install Atom

# install node-debugger with apm
apm i node-debugger

Config Project

  1. Open your node project.
  2. Click Cmd+, open Settings.
  3. Select Packages and open settings of node-debugger.
  4. Config Node Path and Script Main.

How to debug

  1. Use shortcut or command-palette:toggle to run node-debugger:start-resume.
  2. Use node-debugger:toggle-breakpoint to toggle breakpoint where you want.
  3. Send request on client.
  4. Breakpoint will be trigger.
  5. Use node-debugger:step-next ,node-debugger:start-resume and node-debugger:stop for debug.
  6. Print variable by input js script in debug console.